Guided nature adventures

Would you like to learn how to make fire without matches? Give your nearest and dearest a different birthday present or your clients a unique business trip: a guided nature adventure. We offer a wide range of outdoor activities, from fishing courses to trekking and camping. Observe the beauty of the northern flora and fauna with our guides, or simply relax by an open fire. Skiing leisurely on glittering snow and spotting animal tracks is also an experience to remember.


Our experienced guides have extensive knowledge of local flora, fauna and culture. Be it a two-hour hike, cooking on an open fire or skiing for days in the fells with a tent, we plan your nature adventure to meet your needs.

Bear-watching safaris

A night watching bears, wolverines, foxes or elks is an experience to remember, even for the most seasoned of wanderers. Our two bear-watching cabins are located by the natural trails of animals, and offer an excellent opportunity to photograph northern wildlife – if Mother Nature is smiling on you!


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